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A Joining of Self, Suella Holland
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A Joining of Self, Suella Holland

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A Joining of Self is a site-specific portrait of fragmented childhood recollections of abuse, incorporating memories of different fabrics, dissociative experiences and phrases of manipulation that were used to threaten and enforce secrecy. Using photography to document, Holland pushes her boundaries by exploring a home identical to her childhood residence and by stitching phrases that were said to silence her onto familiar fabrics, some of which were recreated from family album images and by choosing to record these memories on film using the abuser's twin lens reflex camera. Holland confronts her inner struggles and transforms her emotions and recollections into visual expression. Long withheld memories are subtly exposed and hint at and communicate the unsaid. A reclamation of power, A Joining of Self comes face to face with Holland's past and ultimately breaks a silence that has been kept for forty years.

For those that are not familiar with the project, TLP Editions is an ongoing collection, produced and designed by PhotoIreland, that presents work by contemporary artists in the form of uncomplicated publications. These are available through The Library Project in-store and online. All and any funds generated by the project go to producing more copies of the publications, ensuring we can keep promoting the artists and practices represented. These editions are regularly showcased and donated to international events and festivals, such as the Icelandic Photography Festival recently. In addition, TLP Editions also grace some important shelves and collections, including that of the Hasselblad Foundation Library and the Martin Parr Foundation.

You can find a list of all the TLP Editions here.

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Published by PhotoIreland
Edition of 200
32 pages
148 × 210 mm




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