Art Bookshop Ireland



Plug-In Magazine Issue #1


Houses To Die In: And Other Essays On Art, Ina Blom


The Race to the Top: Structural Racism and How to Fight It, Nazir Afzal


Temperance, Abigail O’Brien


Justice – Never Enough, Abigail O’Brien


Prudence and the Game of Golf, Abigail O’Brien


With Bread, Abigail O’Brien


Pennies in a Stream: Great Moments in Printed Advertising 1918 - 1984, Michael P Daley (Ed)


HYBRIDS: Forging New Realities as Counter-Narrative


Ubikwist Issue 14


Figures of Slippage and Oscillation, Izabela Pluta (First Edition)


Flowers, Dane Lovett (First Edition)


Mad Deep Thoughts, Riley Payne


Variations for Troubled Hands, Steve Carr


Regional Bureaucracy


Forget about it, Leonardo Antonio


Among Peers: The United States of Young Photographers


Performance Review, Endia Beal


Superposition Issue 1: Hardcore Home


Fantasías, Elisabeth Wild


Perspectives: The New Photography Collection


Sur La Photographie au Liban: Récits & Essais


Dynamics of the Photobooks Market, Tiffany Jones


Americans Anonymous, Barry Delaney and John O’Donnell


Purple 36: The Mexico Issue


Essay On The Concave City Corner, Stijn Van Der Linden


Above the Fold, Noel Bowler (First Edition)


Stadsliv: A City Ecology Adventure


Ubikwist Issue 12


Digital Art in Ireland: New Media and Irish Artistic Practice


A Place of Our Own, Iris Hassid


Revue Faire N°28, Manon Bruet and Area of Work


When I Was A Virgin, Sergey Melnitchenko


X-TRA Vol. 23 No. 1


Beasts of Burden, Paul Seawright


All We Have Left Is The Chain, Robin Hammond


It Starts With Silence, Richard Gosnold


Vaterland, Jörg Colberg




House of Common Affairs Journal, Issue 2


The Long Disease: LA Stories, Fiona Hackett


I Had A Dream You Married A Boy, Valerie Philips


Purple 34: The Love Issue


Scaffold to the Moon, Huw Alden Davies


The Living Mountain, Awoiska van der Molen


Dream is Wonderful Yet Unclear, Maria Kapajeva


Smoke Bubbles 1-58, Steve Carr


Family Photos, Eliza Hutchinson


An error has occurred, Ronan Hutchinson


Romances, The Late David Turpin


Dear... Selected Letters from Brian O'Doherty 1970-2018


Made in Dublin, Eamonn Doyle (Signed)


Seeds From The Zoo, Bryony Dunne (Signed)


Speculations on a Raft, Joanne Laws


Buddleia, Eric van Kampen


The Swallowing Tree, David Farrell


Bing Bing Bong Bong Bing Bing Bing, Kenneth O'Halloran


Before, During, After... Almost, David Farrell