Art Bookshop Ireland

Past/ures from Black Church Print Studio

on January 12, 2020

Launch 6pm Thu 16 January
Running 17-31 January
At The Library Project
Gallery Hours Tue-Sat 12-6pm

Pastures is curated by Leah Corbett, recipient of the Black Church Emerging Curator Award 2019.

Past/ures brings together the work of five artists - Hayley Gault, Catriona Leahy, Dorothy Smith, Ronan Smyth and Katie Watchorn. Through sculpture, painting, printmaking and text, this exhibition explores aspects of rural life in Ireland and highlights questions around rural identity. By drawing attention to the important legacy and material culture of agriculture and craft, the exhibition examines ways in which the traditions of the past have evolved to reflect contemporary society. Set in the context of Dublin's urban landscape, this contrast invites consideration on how rural communities can retain their distinct identities in the face of potentially homogenising global processes.