Art Bookshop Ireland

Launch of PhotoIreland Programme 2020

on January 12, 2020

Launch 5pm Sat 1 Feb
Entry Free
At The Library Project

Join us for the launch of the PhotoIreland Programme 2020 and find out about what’s in store and how you can be a part of the advancement of photography in Ireland. From events and exhibitions taking place at The Library Project and PhotoIreland Festival, to projects around Ireland and beyond.

To start the decade with impetus and inspiration, this year we are bringing back a project we used to run long time ago. Titled Light Evenings, and framed under the Critical Academy, these represent a series of gatherings that will take place on the last Saturday of every month, except for September and January – when The Library Project bookshop is closed and our work continues elsewhere.

Light Evenings are an opportunity for creatives of all levels and practices to come together, to share their work and thoughts in a supportive and informal approach. It’s an opportunity to network, meet peers, and even to spark collaborations. Each Evening will be kickstarted with a short talk by an invited practitioner, to generate the tone and to catalyse the evening’s conversations. Set up in a relaxed environment, the aim of Light Evenings is to support artists practice, to cross-pollinate ideas, and to encourage practitioners from outside the Arts to get involved.

For the PhotoIreland Programme 2020 launch, we have planned a special Light Evening: we will be joined by Dan Rule and Justine Ellis, co-directors of Melbourne-based Perimeter Books. They will present us with a broad background to their work, and will discus briefly of the challenges found along the way, focusing on the latest and most exciting projects

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