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In The Deep End, by Jana Bulochova

on May 01, 2022

The Library Project presents an installation of the latest works by artist Jana Bulochova, currently a 3rd year TU Dublin BA Photography student. Running 10-30 May 2022

Jana Bulochova utilises Photography to investigate human feelings, knowing that more often than not these present themselves in an apparent chaos. She argues that we live in a toxically positive community where negative feelings are meant to be suppressed, even though they ultimately have to manifest in some shape or form. In recreating a series of imaginary nightmares, she explores how precisely that suppression of our own negative emotions may affect us. Nightmares may occur for many reasons, not least from an oversensitivity to images of horror, or even for something as simple as overeating at night. However, they can be associated with psychological issues derived from difficult, repressed memories. Drawing on her own experience of repeated nightmares, she creatively considers how this phenomenon and its affects might be visualised.

Find out more about Jana Bulochova at @bylo_photography


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