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Dublin Gallery Weekend at The Library Project 2017

on November 19, 2017

This year marks the third edition of Dublin Gallery Weekend. This city-wide event is a collaboration between almost 40 art galleries and museums across the city, who have joined together to present a specially programmed series of free public events such as talks, concerts, tours, workshops and more, alongside their exciting exhibitions and projects by a diverse range of artists. Dublin Gallery Weekend invites visitors to come and experience something new, and to discover art in galleries of all types ranging from the biggest modern art museums in the country to the smallest, tucked away experimental art spaces.

The Photobook in Ireland

Opening: 25 November
Running: 23-28 November

The Photobook in Ireland is a series of presentations organised by PhotoIreland Foundation culminating in an ambitious exhibition and symposium in May 2019, during PhotoIreland Festival 2019.
The project considers the Photobook essential in contemporary photographic practices, and sets out to discuss openly over the next years, and throughout diverse approaches, about its history and development in Ireland, encouraging a greater understanding of the importance of the Photobook format.
During the next 18 months, PhotoIreland Foundation will research and evaluate recent work done in the field, gathering new information along the way, and contributing to it with a final publication on the subject.
The selection and analysis will be conducted by photographer Liam Devine currently working on a module hosted at The Library Project on Archive in Context, part of his 3rd year at the BA Photography degree in DIT.

Cultural Branding and Strategies with Menno Liauw

25th November

This seminar is aimed at professionals working in the cultural and creative sector, from arts administrators to designers and marketeers, and especially for photographers looking for inspiration to promote their careers.
Exploring the successful case of FOAM, the international photography organisation based in Amsterdam, Liauw will share his findings in shaping their accomplished cultural brand, one of the many he has developed over the years.
Menno Liauw is Strategic Director at Vandejong. For the last 20 years, Menno has been active in the Dutch cultural sector as a strategic advisor, focusing on fundraising, product and service development, branding and reputation management for a wide range of organisations. He established a magazine publishing house with FOAM in Amsterdam. He founded the UNSEEN International Photography Fair & Festival in 2011.

For more on this seminar and others, check out the Critical Academy !

PhotoIreland Foundation Awards

We programmed the awards to organise an enjoyable night out where we get together and acknowledge each other’s hard work, as we have seen that for years many outstanding achievements are being largely ignored. After the nominations were opened to the public, the shortlisted nominees are being currently finalised and will be announced soon. The Award evening will take place at The Library Project, coinciding with the launch of The Photobook in Ireland.

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