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The President’s Surprise, Peter Donnelly

    The President’s Surprise, Peter Donnelly


    -Suitable for ages 3 and up-

    The latest in Peter Donnelly's children's series of '' The President's ...''

    Today is a very special day. It is the President’s birthday and everyone is preparing a birthday surprise for him.

    So while the President is sent out to the Phoenix Park to walk the dogs, preparations get underway. The pigeon helpfully puts up the bunting, the postmistress delivers the birthday cards, Mrs Mullins dusts down the pictures and the cheeky cat tastes the freshly whipped cream!

    Meanwhile, the President enjoys tea and scones at Farmleigh House and even does a spot of yoga on the fifteen acres. But will our forgetful President enjoy his day out in the park too much to remember his own birthday party? Or will it be his turn to surprise everyone instead?

    Published by Gill Books
    32 pages
    255 x 305 mm
    ISBN 9780717188727