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Robin Claire Fox
Robin Claire Fox
Robin Claire Fox
Robin Claire Fox
Robin Claire Fox
Robin Claire Fox
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Robin Claire Fox

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016 - Robin Claire Fox is the sixteenth in an ongoing Bi-Monthly series publishing the work of emerging photographers.

Inspired by my desire to preserve fleeting moments in time. Influenced by cinematography and street photography of times past. This is my visual rhapsody. Some of the places and spaces; the shapes, colours and textures that are central to our lives together. A visual documentation of points in time that will one day become a part of our history. I attempt to present each frame not only as I saw it, but as I felt it. It is my desire for each photograph to speak for itself, providing a narrative that is vibrant with colour, deep with layers and rich with nostalgia. Many of these images highlight the connection and relationships typical of our family, adding depth to the storytelling and meaning to the photographs themselves.  I strive for a unique perspective from which to tell each story to capture our distinct family dynamic and experience. This is a collection of moments turned memories. Our life as I see it. - Robin Claire Fox

Published by Setanta Books
Edition of 350
Card wraparound cover
48 pages
210 x 160 mm




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