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Non correre, Aldo Frezza
Non correre, Aldo Frezza
Non correre, Aldo Frezza
Non correre, Aldo Frezza
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Non correre, Aldo Frezza

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What is - indeed, what was - the meaning of memories, of the thoughts of a buried memory that emerge in our mind, like apparently clear images? Some let us intuit their existence, but in fact we cannot know anything about them. As if we were looking at the back of a photograph, like old negatives or unwanted double exposures, like completely upside down images. Are they recent memories, what our mind reveals, or events and images of a past that we don't know how remote they are? Are they real? And the phrases that we remember, what do they mean or meant? What are we seeing or thinking? Why don't we understand any of this?

Non correre is a book that doesn't talk about Alzheimer's or any other form of dementia. What the book assumes as its purpose and aspiration, what it hopes is, in reality, that the reader perceives that very little that we are only given to imagine otherwise, trying it on his own skin. What the patient loses is sense, it is the ability to fit everything into a recognizable logical category: the ability that the Greeks called diagnosis. A diagnosis that can only come from the outside, and in a completely separate way from us. Thus, a bilingual booklet, through textual contributions and outside our visual experience, will go in search of what we are missing: the diagnosis.

Published by Seipersei Edizioni
80 Pages
210 x 280 mm
ISBN 9788894490626




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