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Being a Border, Nuit Banai
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Being a Border, Nuit Banai

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Border thinking has become a defining feature of the global social order in the twenty-first century. In Being a Border, art historian, critic, and theorist Nuit Banai writes on the technics of the border in contemporary art and culture.

Edited by Francis Halsall and Declan Long, Being a Border examines a wide span of artists’ practices and political concerns, exploring how border thinking has been cultivated and engineered as well as how it has been critiqued. Looking at a range of art practices – including Richard Mosse, the Centre for Political Beauty, Vedovamazzei, and Grada Kilomba – Banai considers how artists have found ways to subvert these increasingly pervasive biopolitical and necropolitical technologies and systems.

The first in the Transmission Sites series, Being a Border is a co-publication by Paper Visual Art and the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. This book was written following Banai’s participation in the Art in the Contemporary World (ACW) / IMMA Visiting Critic-in-Residence programme in 2014. Transmission Sites is a series of books on contemporary culture. Every edition features a single extended critical text on a current concern by a key theorist or writer. These texts, each one devised and co-published with a partner educational or cultural institution, represent a set of transmissions that signal across disciplinary fields.

Published by Paper Visual Art
52 pages
100 × 150 mm
ISBN 9781916150928




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