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The Train Passed By: Stills, Kam Jeong-won
The Train Passed By: Stills, Kam Jeong-won
The Train Passed By: Stills, Kam Jeong-won
The Train Passed By: Stills, Kam Jeong-won
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The Train Passed By: Stills, Kam Jeong-won

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The Train Passed By: Stills starts with director Kam Jeong-won's first feature-length independent film, The Train Passed By. Hee-su, a young female worker, works at a dyeing complex in Daegu. Hee-su's night and day are always filled with the air of the industrial complex. Her boyfriend Hak-seon and her co-workers who work in the same industrial complex give her a little bit of strength and comfort. Hee-soo dreams of traveling to a distant place with Hak-seon even in the dull life of the industrial complex. However, even this trip is postponed without an appointment. In the end, Hee-su embarks on a journey alone. The place she chose is Mukho Port in Gangwon-do, which is exceptionally difficult to reach from Daegu. Hee-soo continues to work in a place where there is no industrial air, noise, or dark light. There, she looks back on her life while meeting new people. Hak-seon belatedly follows Hee-su on a trip, but he fails to meet her. 

The Train Passed By: Stills is the result of reinterpreting the movie The Train Passed By in the language of a book. There are two time zones in the movie, but the book adds another one. A total of three time zones traverse the book from top to bottom and retell the movie. One from Hee-su's point of view, another from Hak-seon's point of view, and another from both of them. The time of the past and the present, which flowed while being segmented in the movie, and the space of Daegu and Mukho Port are sequentially arranged in the book. For the audience, who must have been confused by the tangled times in the movie, the book rearranges and shows the time the characters in the movie walked through. In that sense, this book is also a commentary on the movie. 

Published by Aprilsnow Press
First Edition of 300

240 pages

92 x 260 mm
ISBN 9791189478094




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