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Lampoon 23, The TRANSITION Issue
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Lampoon 23, The TRANSITION Issue

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The TRANSITION issue – we are in transition. We don’t know what we’re becoming yet, but we know what we’re looking for. Circular economies, Global Forestry and every Sustainable Matters are the topics Lampoon is committed to. In line with that mission, journalism at Lampoon is about chronicles and reporting in the luxury fields. This includes fashion, design, crafting, creativity.  Lampoon has embarked on a path of evolution towards circularity. This done by shifting the focus on breakthroughs in the science of sustainability. Both in urban and civil development, and by converting its own printing production to low-impact processes.

Transparency, sustainability, humanity – international stakeholders committed to the alleviation of environmental issues and to support crafting worldwide. The issue includes dialogues with Giorgio Armani, social scientist Dr. Hakan Karaosman, Orsola de Castro, documentary film director Reiner Holzemer, Heron Preston, Parley for the Ocean’s founder Cyrill Gutsch, Dan Colen, MITEI research scientist Emre Gencer, art historian Ian Massey, among the many.

Featured in Lampoon 23: Marie Tomanova with all the way around, Alexandre Haefeli with Library Rules, Louis Canadas, Bex Day, Charles de Vilmorin presenting his interior world, Annie Lai, Ottilie Landmark presenting the innate relationship between man and Nature. Vitali Gelwich, Jenny Brough and Brendan Freeman teaching how to go back to normal life, Marlon Rueberg invites us to break walls and boundaries then Domino Leaha with documenting love and Luis Venegas with some tea with friends.

Published by Lampoon Magazine
456 pages
242 x 332 mm
ISBN 2420798510023




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