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D1x25 6 Vinyl Boxset, D1 Recordings
D1x25 6 Vinyl Boxset, D1 Recordings
D1x25 6 Vinyl Boxset, D1 Recordings
D1x25 6 Vinyl Boxset, D1 Recordings
D1x25 6 Vinyl Boxset, D1 Recordings
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D1x25 6 Vinyl Boxset, D1 Recordings

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Special edition triple gatefold 6 vinyl release featuring 55 new tracks from Mark Broom [aka Visitor], Donnacha Costello, Keith Tucker [aka DJ-K1], Rob Rowland, Shawn Rudiman, Decoy [aka Decal], Americhord, Annie Hall Zvuku, David Donohoe, Eamonn Doyle, Oberman Knocks, Who's The Technician, Educution,  Active Service Unit, Derek Carr, Bombjack, Automatic Tasty, Lerosa, Glenn Davis, TR One, Irene Buckley,  Naphta, Alan Smith, Linda Buckely, Joni and Kaboogie, Ikeaboy, Baiyon, Five Green Circle, Lenoid, Roger Doyle, Foot Note, Scott Logan, Index, H Williams, LDR-21, Seventh Earth Project.

For as long as there has been dance music in Dublin, there has been techno. The city's affair with the genre runs as deep today as it did back-in-the-day, when out of the depths of Parnell Street came D1 Recordings, beginning a journey that lead to music-making, clubs, citywide festivals — an adventure that has proved it possible to create world-class music, specifically a unique and influential genre of Dublin-based electronic music, with a self-determined ethic and a global reach.

Published by D1 Recordings
Limited Edition of 200

6 × Vinyl Boxcase
12", 33 ⅓ RPM




019 - Lena Aires, Lena Aires


Taken By The Tide, Maria Lax


Japan / A Love Story, Michael Kenna (Special Edition)


Stop Tanks With Books, Mark Neville


Malparaíso, JM Ramírez-Suassi


ATL, Mark Steinmetz


Train, Frankie Malone


Malaysia ah? Yes! We speak Manglish lah! Ying Qi Tang