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White Fungus #16, Ron Hanson
White Fungus #16, Ron Hanson
White Fungus #16, Ron Hanson
White Fungus #16, Ron Hanson
White Fungus #16, Ron Hanson
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White Fungus #16, Ron Hanson

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White Fungus is an arts magazine based in Taiwan.

"That gesture also is a kind of gesture you make towards the reader, saying, "I trust you", and in a way you're enticing people into the unknown. You're saying, 'Let your curiosity lead you and be perplexed by what you might find because you're going to open this magazine at your risk..." ~ Paul Holdengräber, The Quarantine Tapes


Carolee Schneemann, 54-page interview with the artist reflecting on her life stretching back to early childhood drawings and adolescent adventures in Mexico

Max Richter, article by Kurt Gottschalk about attending a New York performance of the composer's SLEEP, interviews with other composers about their thoughts on sleeping through concerts

Taiwanese Noise Music, history of the emergence of Taiwanese noise in the post-martial law era, accompanied by photographs of political demonstrations from the period

Animal music, Tobias Fischer takes a deep dive into the world of animal music and research suggesting that animals employ a creative agency comparable to that of humans

Dor Guez, interview by Nicola Trezzi about the artist's Christian Palestinian Archive

Betty Apple, article by Kyra Kordoski on the Taipei feminist performance artist and musician  

 Luke Willis Thompson, essay by Hamish Win on the Fijian-New Zealand photographer

Ruffo, portrait by Tim Bollinger of the Wellington street artist who appears in Chris Kraus' novel I Love Dick

A Brief History of the 21st Century (so far), part 2, comic by Tim Bollinger

Published by White Fungus Publishing
Edition of 16
224 pages

19 x 26 cm
ISBN 1171097




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