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Bukhansan, Doyeon Gwon
Bukhansan, Doyeon Gwon
Bukhansan, Doyeon Gwon
Bukhansan, Doyeon Gwon
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Bukhansan, Doyeon Gwon

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“The photographs of the wild dogs in Bukhansan Mountain will be transcribed on paper and web, perpetually floating around in the infinite purgatory of images. These dogs, of whose existence not many knew previously, are now widely and easily accessible online. I feel a sense of reverence in the fact that I can record and document my beloved friends who are ever so fleeting in between the trees.” - Doyeon Gwon 

Bukhansan, the 18th book by Aprilsnow Press(2nd edition published in 2023), is composed of a series of photos of wild dogs taken by photographer Doyeon Gwon in Bukhansan Mountain from 2017 to 2019. A total of 61 black-and-white photographs and six short essays accompanying the photographs are included. Visual culture researcher Yoon Won-hwa and machine critic Lee Young-june contributed critical essays.

Photographer Doyeon Gwon’s observation of Bukhansan Mountain in Seoul started in 2017. One day, while doing some research on the wild vegetation, he met a herd of wild dogs that lived nearby the Mountain. Since then, Gwon had been going up and down Bukhansan Mountain  every day for two years, observing wild dogs, and capturing them on camera. Photographing them  wouldn’t have been possible if there were not a symmetrical relationship between the wild dogs and the photographer.

The wild dogs were not originally familiar with Bukhansan Mountain. The mountain  was the only option given to them due to the urban redevelopment project of Seoul called 'New Town'. It was not only the place that people left behind. The dogs which used to live together were abandoned during the redevelopment process. Dogs started to live in the mountain, probably the only secure place for them. The wild dogs photographed by Gwon are the 'descendants' of these dogs that were kicked out, and in the meantime Bukhansan Mountain has become the home for the wild dogs. In the book, several wild dogs specially named by the author appear, and Gwon's long-term observations in essays are included to help understand the photos.

Published by Aprilsnow Press
Second Edition of 500
120 pages

145 x 225 mm
ISBN 9791189478070




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