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Belonging Nowhere, Lee Jungeun
Belonging Nowhere, Lee Jungeun
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Belonging Nowhere, Lee Jungeun

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I have also been thinking about what stories I can tell as a woman, as a queer person, and as an artist. And the first result was this book. I am not a human rights activist, much less a person with certain beliefs or aspirations, just an ordinary person who focuses on things that are in touch with daily life. However, since I live in a foreign country as an Asian woman and a queer person, there are stories I can tell in my own way, so my goal was to act as much as I could. And in fact, I also had a desire to speak out by borrowing the mouths of women who were more courageous than me. I hope that those who open this book can hear their voices and find courage deep inside themselves.

- Jeongeun Lee

 April's Eye's 19th book 'Belonging Nowhere' is a project on queer feminism by Lee Jeong-eun, an interview collection with nine queer feminists, as well as a collection of related photos and video clips. The artist, currently residing in Germany, interviewed and photographed eight Korean queer feminists in their 20s and 30s living in Europe (Germany, France, and the Netherlands) for two years starting in 2019. Oh Han-seo, a feminist dreaming of a new start in Berlin; Anzeri rejecting gender dichotomy; Yeon, a lesbian who had difficulty finding a sense of belonging as a member of society; a monster who experienced sexism while working as a model in Korea; Yuni, who overcame strife, Beer as a feminist activist and artist, Yoo Yeon-ju, who dreamed of settling down in France, and Goong-yeo, who works in Berlin while producing lesbian YouTube content. and experience are included. The book contains not only portraits of interviewees, but also various photos and video clips as visual metaphors for queer feminist feelings or states. 

Eight interviews and fragments of the artist's feelings residing in Germany are rare examples of intersectional feminism that crosses the positions of 'Oriental women', 'lesbians' and 'immigrants'. As a queer feminist, the author encounters a new oppressive mechanism of racism in Germany. As the gender identity of queer overlaps with another identity of an Asian woman, the position of an artist in Europe stands at a new 'crossroads'. This project, which began with her exploration of the artist's individual self-identity, eventually expands to the question of gender identity for Eastern queer feminists in Europe.  

The extremely personal stories contained in this book do not represent queer feminists in Korea. However, the reasons and backgrounds for why they had to choose a foreign country and decide to migrate, the discriminatory views and systems that still remain, and the discourse on the position of being a stranger wherever they go are eventually explored and corrected together in the most simple and unremarkable daily life. The book asks what needs to be done. Above all, this book - as the author wishes - hopes to reach with courage to those who are hesitating and struggling with their identity somewhere now. 

At the end of the book, artist Jung Eun-young's recommendation helps to understand the book.

Published by Aprilsnow Press
First Edition of 300
192 pages

178 x 257 mm
ISBN 9791189478087




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