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Ardoyne, Belfast 1986–1988, Mike Abrahams

    Ardoyne, Belfast 1986–1988, Mike Abrahams


    Cafe Royal Books release weekly publications, focussing on post-war documentary photography linked to Britain and Ireland. This includes the work of photographers from all backgrounds, the widely known, the unseen and the underrepresented. Much of the work we publish, regardless of the maker, is previously unpublished. Each book focuses on a single body of work, and each book is part of the larger, extensive series. As a series they provide a valuable resource into cultural and social shifts in Britain and Ireland. So far there are over 500 books in the series, subjects are wide and varied and include folk customs, protest, mining and industry, general documentation of a place or city, architectural change, music culture, politics and religion.

    Café Royal Books (founded 2005) is an independent publisher based in the North West of England.

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