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A Line Which Forms a Volume 4
A Line Which Forms a Volume 4
A Line Which Forms a Volume 4
A Line Which Forms a Volume 4
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A Line Which Forms a Volume 4

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A Line Which Forms a Volume 4 is a critical reader and symposium of graphic design-led research. Bridging the gap between academia and the public sphere of design, it just published its fourth issue; bringing together the research of graduates from MA Graphic Media Design (MA GMD) at LCC, with interviews and works from established contributors.

Alongside letters, tutorials, poems and critical texts from MA GMD graduates, the latest issue features contributions from Ahmed Ansari, Clara Balaguer, Yu Jiwon, Lucas LaRochelle, Paul Bailey and Tony Credland with Adapt, Evening Class, Haunted Machines and Paul Elliman.

Supervised by Corin Eliot Gisel and Nina Paim (former common-interest), ALWFAV 4 approaches decoloniality by reflecting on the constructed borders of the design canon. The publication unfolds through three sections (move, cross and tilt) to be read as thematic approaches to the contributions without a set hierarchy.

Walking around the topic of decolonisation in design, ALWFAV 4 takes the colour green as a metaphor of ‘access’, which alludes to an unrestricted and flexible imagination of what the boundary of design could be and how we can make these borders accessible.

Published by MA Graphic Design Media, London College of Communication
144 pages
116 x 186 mm
ISSN 25159801





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