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Spread 005: The Yellow Pages
Spread 005: The Yellow Pages

    Spread 005: The Yellow Pages


    On the run from Las Vegas police and a smooth talking blackjack dealer, The Prodigal Sun graces our cover for one last throw of the dice before her inevitable, spectacular face-off with fate. Mairéad Mullan captures her final moments for the cover of this issue and a collection of exclusive photographs inside.

    The Yellow Pages inspired writers and artists to delve into their childhood memory boxes, artistic and poetic vision, and X-rated wisdom. Alongside illustration, essay and mixed media from contributors, Spread editors weave their own interpretations.

    Connoisseurs of vintage Irish print media and pop culture will struggle not to lick the pages of this issue's feature article by Yvonne Kiely which draws from interviews with Brian McMahon, Irish magazine collector and owner of Brand New Retro, and an anonymous former art director of In Dublin, a magazine whose fast and loose prestigious legacy may have been overshadowed by its censorship in the late nineties - until now. In addition, this former art director sheds light on the legend of in house reporter, Rory Sandal.

    Published by Lazer Guided Reporter
    56 pages
    210 x 200 mm