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SOFT EIS Issue 03: Loss
SOFT EIS Issue 03: Loss
SOFT EIS Issue 03: Loss
SOFT EIS Issue 03: Loss
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SOFT EIS Issue 03: Loss

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SOFT EIS is an independent print magazine published in Berlin. It was born out of a desire to learn about, and tackle all sides of a conversation.

For Issue 03 50 contributors collaborated with editors and designers to pull apart the topic of LOSS. Whether through the loss of loved ones, land, rituals, autonomy, culture, or dialogue; loss is felt both individually, and as a collective. Through loss, what do we gain? What do we look forward to? Does loss always equate to the end of something? And if so, is that necessarily a bad thing? Is it so easy to box loss into good or bad, and should it be? Where do we go, knowing what we are learning?

Loss, in the most classic sense, is heavy. It splatters into your life and scatters the pieces. It utterly and completely devastates you. Living with loss, is clearing out the cupboards, and airing out the attic, and making room for its whole piece. The only way to get the pieces back together, is to clear the dust, and confront it head on. It is hard to write about it directly, and there is no language for loss. We’re conditioned to contain it, to keep it small, to deal with it, to isolate it to a memory or a learning experience, but loss is so much more than all of those things. It has implications on how we reflect and how we see our own identity. Loss is static: the sound that remains when there is no vision, no station, no connection. The thrum filling a room while we wait. The signal that something should be there, should be coming; was there, but isn’t. It is not a language but it is so loud. Loss is sound continuing, sound that moves. Loss is motion - a state and a process, a moving away of yourself or another.

224 pages
21.5 x 28 cm
ISBN 9783000765292




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