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Mother Tongue Issue 4
Mother Tongue Issue 4
Mother Tongue Issue 4
Mother Tongue Issue 4
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Mother Tongue Issue 4

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Mother Tongue Issue 4 looks at fantasies (of the sexy lion kind) with Bat For Lashes, and Real Housewives (of the Jenna Lyons kind) with Sarah Hoover. Whitney Houston with Amil Niazi tend to songbirds of a different sort with artist Sheida Soleimani. Hitting the road in Texas, Dina Gachman takes a winding tale of revenge without remorse, and build a house for the future with Christene Barberich. Photographer Martina Zanin asks us to consider what happens when feline fixations go too far, and illustrator Rachel Deutsch conjures the everyday horror of our children’s unmeetable expectations. Photographer Sophie Ebrard contemplates sex and intimacy after children, author Angela Garbes bridges the mother-daughter divide, and Ruby Warrington and Pooja Lakshmin discuss whether having children even makes sense anymore?

It’s about mental health and vengeful brunettes. Cats and crows and coming to motherhood from a more informed place, or choosing to forego it altogether. It is about being women with children and women without children—and why is it never just women, full stop? And it is also about the fragility of the human experience, about lust—or lack thereof—and about caring for others and one’s self. It is about revolution and letting go, orthodontics and The Bodyguard soundtrack. And it is about dreams, and desperately trying to understand them.

Published by Mother Tongue
128 pages
285 x 210 mm
ISBN 977276808600803




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