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All I Hear Is Static, Kieran Power
All I Hear Is Static, Kieran Power
All I Hear Is Static, Kieran Power
All I Hear Is Static, Kieran Power
All I Hear Is Static, Kieran Power
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All I Hear Is Static, Kieran Power

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A sophomore photobook by Irish photographer Kieran Power.

Returning to the place you grew up will always harbour a mixed response, feelings of nostalgia for the days gone by. Faded memories of a small rural town, summer nights, wandering aimlessly with friends exploring getting into all sorts and being an adolescent. These fond memories are fleeting, the slow creeping dread that the place you once called home is no longer the place you remember, far from it. What was once your home is now falling apart, decaying, and rusting. The small sanctuary that it once held is slowly fading away. A very personal and subtle horror of the unexplainable unknown entering the familiar. You cast your mind back to those stories, the ones told to you by the warm glow of the dying embers of a fire, the odd occurrences, and places you were told to stay away from. You decide to delve deeper, staring out into the woods only for something to be staring back at you.

"A cinematic photo-documentary of the small rural Irish village and surrounding areas where I grew up, with light horror elements inspired by the campfire stories told to me when I was young by my father of strange unexplainable events that happened to him as a young adolescent. A post coming of age story about the unease of returning to a place that is no longer your home."

- Kieran Power

Self Published 
98 pages
148 x 210 mm




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