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Revenants, Kevin Mooney

    Revenants, Kevin Mooney


    Revenants documents selected works from Irish artist Kevin Mooney's recent practice. His paintings utilise languages of expressionism, alongside figurative elements that disclose political, social and cultural histories. As well as a foreword by Sean Kissane, Curator of Exhibitions at IMMA, Revenants also contains a critical essay by Sarah Kelleher, independent arts writer and curator, and Art History lecturer in the Crawford College of Art and Design.

    "These works splice recognisable Irish motifs: snake, donkey and tricolour, with devices more readily associated with ritual imagery or tribal fetishes to concoct a mutant, absurdist folklore. Mooney's references to myth and half-forgotten ritual are far more sophisticated than an exercise in nostalgia, and activate a complex aesthetic and critical response. These images of pullulating fleshy bodies, twisting horse-figures and floating heads trigger a shudder of the uncanny, that distinct psychic unease where the familiar is made strange and discomforting."

    Self Published
    Edition of 250

    48 pages
    220 x 290 mm