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Dynamics of the Photobooks Market, Tiffany Jones

    Dynamics of the Photobooks Market, Tiffany Jones


    While artistic concerns involving photobook design and production are commonly discussed in critical terms, marketing and economics issues are less so. A possible explanation is that photobook publishers are inclined to approach their business from the perspective of it being arts-based and, “The arts have for too long simultaneously spurned and feared business; mystification has kept both business and the arts from learning from each other.” (Labossiere)

    With shifting publishing and distribution paradigms, photobook publishers must do more to attract new audiences for their businesses to survive. In this research, Photobook buyers are asked about their interests, preferences and purchasing habits; sellers are asked about their business operations, sales volume and marketing and promotional activities; publishers are questioned about their funding sources, distribution channels, and prospects for future viability.

    Chapters include: Preface, Literature Review, Research Overview, Survey Data: Photobook Buyers, Survey Data: Photobook Sellers, Survey Data: Photobook Publishers, Conclusion and References

    Published by Overlapse
    Second Printing
    124 pages
    110 x 160 mm