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Art and The Rural Imagination

    Art and The Rural Imagination


    Art and the Rural Imagination features writing by key academics and artists and explores how contemporary art can help to reimagine the rural as a site of contemporary thought and experience. It reflects on a diversity of issues, from post-pandemic landscapes to farming, tourism, sustainability, productivity, as well as issues of gender, sexuality and decolonisation. At the heart of the book is a concern with both people and place, as well as expanded engagement with animals and ecologies. The scope of the book is international with contributors detailing a wide range of rural experiences and concerns.

    The book is the outcome of a conference in 2020 titled Art and the Rural Imagination, and also features a selection of commissioned artworks that expand on the core themes of the main essays.

    Editor: Colin Perry

    Contributors: Adam Chodzko, Katarzyna Depta-Garapich, Catherine Elwes, Laura Eldret, Feral Practice (Fiona MacDonald), Paul Finnegan, Jenny Holt, Anna Sofie Hvid, Victoria Lucas, Deirdre O’Mahony, Harry Meadows, Colin Perry, Rosemary Shirley, Julian Stallabrass, Standart Thinking (Javier Rodriguez), Marina Velez Vago and Zoox

    Published by More Than Ponies
    140 pages
    160 x 230 mm
    ISBN 9781399919593