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Time to celebrate and support The Library Project

on March 17, 2020

As you know, The Library Project will remain closed until the end of March, at least, to respect the Health and Safety recommendations by the government. The dreadful effect that this closure is having on our business and our 3 staff is very distressing.

As an independent bookshop, one of the only specialised Art bookshops in Ireland, The Library Project has always been a modest-in-size-but-hyper-active cultural hub, ambitious, and supporting the Arts.

Covering our basic running costs without the expected income will become a challenge very quickly, and we would rather keep working hard behind closed doors, processing and posting online orders, than let staff go. So we want to ask you to support us in this difficult time by purchasing from us online, whether it's a gift card or one of the many great publications.

To thank you for your support, we are offering:

    • Free delivery in Co. Dublin for orders over €20
    • Free delivery in Ireland for orders over €40
    • We continue shipping worldwide.
    • All orders will include great freebies
    • All orders placed in March will automatically take part in a raffle of

The raffle will take place on 1st April, and the winner will be announced via Social Media and informed via email by 1pm that day.

To keep you inspired, we have made a special collection titled Desert Island Booklist, where you can find recommended long reads to keep your mind challenged and engaged - and away from the temporary isolation we found ourselves in. But there are great publications and prints throughout the online shop.

Consider purchasing a voucher for yourself a friend, buying forward your treats and supporting us in the make.

Remember, when you buy your books at The Library Project, you are supporting our work to keep the Arts in Ireland thriving, as much as the individuals behind it. 



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Black Church Emerging Curator Exhibition 2024 opens on the 12th January

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