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on May 10, 2020
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We strive to stock selected publications oftentimes unavailable elsewhere in Ireland, and we publish others ourselves. Through our local and international networks, we source and select those we believe are relevant and of interest to you. In doing so, we support directly independent artists, galleries, and publishers, and so does your purchase. So, feel proud and enjoy that extra warm feeling.

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Play House, Róisín White
Launches 6pm Thu 1 June

on May 31, 2023

Red Illuminates II: Age Instructions on Marriage and Childbearing, Jialin Long
Launches: 6pm, Thursday 27th of April

on April 20, 2023

Under a Vaulted Sky, Pauline Rowan
Launches: 6pm, Thursday 30th of March

on March 27, 2023

The Sky Only Welcomes Those with Wings, Bryony Dunne
Launches: 6pm, Thursday 2nd of March

on February 26, 2023