Art Bookshop Ireland

PhotoIreland Festival 2021 (17)

Novogen, Dániel Szalai


Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation, Mathieu Asselin


Spud, Deirdre O'Mahony


Flourishing Foodscapes: Design for City-Region Food Systems


Are We Europe: Melting Pot


(Home Works) A Cooking Book


The Modernist, Issue 38


Recipes for the Future


The Mushroom Collector, Jason Fulford


The Sausage of the Future, Carolien Niebling


Farming the City


Time to Change, Hans van der Meer


The Arsenic Eaters, Simon Brugner


Sonntag - A Recipe For Social Art Practice, A. Schiesser and A. Gertler


Feast for the Eyes, Susan Bright


Milky Issue 2


Lots of Cake!, Laura Curran