Art Bookshop Ireland

HALFTONE Intaglio 2023 (25)

An Gee Chan, They stare at me everyday


Caoimhe Dalton, Smugglers Cave


Eimhin Farrell, Tangled Branches with Hooded Crow


Maya Brezing, Arrested Development


Maya Brezing, Deep Rooted


Maya Brezing, Detainment


Maya Brezing, Mouse Trap


Maya Brezing, Reclamation


Merve Sagit, Just Blue Carnation Eulogy


Rebecca Gleeson, 21:13


Rebecca Gleeson, Diver


Rebecca Gleeson, Sheet Ghost


Rebecca Gleeson, The Hills Behind Us


Rebecca Gleeson, Under the Vampire's Shadow


Rebecca Gleeson, Untitled (CR Mountain)


Rebecca Gleeson, Untitled (Sunset)


Ria Czerniak-LeBov, Crisis? What Crisis?


Richard Lawlor, Gestalt


Richard Lawlor, Inland Prince


Richard Lawlor, Thanatos in Chrome


Sarah Moloney, Party Animal


Sharon Greene, Winter Ivy


Siobhan Cox, Cone of Shame


Siobhan Cox, Samhain


Viola Wang, Here Hare Here