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HALFTONE Illustration 2022 (33)

Amber Leigh Oosthuizen, Black on Birch


Emily Mc Gardle, Anatomy of a False Smile


Maria Baez Troin, Danger


Maria Baez Troin, Sat by the Canal


Maria Baez Troin, Rock It Lady


Maria Baez Troin, Bite of life


Lorcan Cassidy, Chocolate Fantasy Dragon


Lorcan Cassidy, Candy Dragon


Justin Larkin, A midnight stroll


Gráinne Bath Enright, Inis Mór


Gráinne Bath Enright, Roast House


Gráinne Bath Enright, Sugar House Lane


Gráinne Bath Enright, St Patrick’s Tower


Gráinne Bath Enright, Portobello


Gráinne Bath Enright, Poolbeg Lighthouse


Gráinne Bath Enright, Baltimore Beacon


Gráinne Bath Enright, Brew House Three


Gráinne Bath Enright, Beyond the Walls


Elize de Beer, Weighing Heavy


Elize de Beer, Waiting For Inspiration


Elisabeth Neveux, The Night Circus


Elisabeth Neveux, The Moon Empress


Elisabeth Neveux, The Moon Embraces the Sun


Elisabeth Neveux, Circe


Elisabeth Neveux, Batsquatch


Ciarán Crowe, Twisted Rubbish


Ciarán Crowe, Half Dead


Ciarán Crowe, Flowers


Ciarán Crowe, An Lámh don phionta


Leanne McWilliams, It'll Pass


Jessica Daly, Fore Abbey


Helena Gouveia Monteiro, Avenue


Ruth Cassidy, Mary’s Palm Tree Ankle Tattoo