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06:42, Adrian O'Carroll
06:42, Adrian O'Carroll
06:42, Adrian O'Carroll
06:42, Adrian O'Carroll
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    06:42, Adrian O'Carroll


    ‘Dawn walks during the pandemic of 2020. A time of mourning, a time of sin-eating, a time of discovery, a time of quietude, a time of nature, and a time of renaissance.’ -Adrian O’Carroll

    Looking at the work in this book, made by the Irish photographer Adrian O’Carroll, it seems that a part of his lockdown routine with his camera lens attuned to subjects of a more elemental kind. With the human world still asleep, nature is abound here, and O’Carroll is the only witness. Of course soon enough the world will awake, and the belching smokestacks cut through the bucolic wonder.

    Over sixty photographs illustrating life carrying on despite it all. Perhaps the photographs made on these walks align with our own shared, inscrutable longing for the safe, the everyday, the known.

    Published by Oonagh Young Gallery
    Edition of 400
    96 pages
    180 x 240 mm
    ISBN 9781916386518