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Mary Robinson: A Voice for Fairness, John & Fatti Burke

    Mary Robinson: A Voice for Fairness, John & Fatti Burke

    -Suitable for ages 7 and up-
    The fifth book in the Little Library series by Gill books for kids. 

    Discover the first female president of Ireland, Mary Robinson! Mary Robinson grew up with four brothers – something which gave her an interest in women’s rights from a young age! She was a brilliant student and worked hard, becoming the youngest professor of law in Ireland. From law to politics, the presidency to the United Nations, Mary has spent her life fighting for equality, human rights and climate justice.

    Get ready to be inspired.

    Kathi ‘Fatti’ Burke is an Irish illustrator. She lives in Lisbon. John Burke is Fatti’s dad. He is a retired primary school teacher and principal.  He lives in Waterford. Together they also created the award-winning, bestselling series of books Irelandopedia, Historopedia and Foclóiropedia.

    Published by Gill Books
    32 pages
    195 x 255 mm
    ISBN 9780717189939