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    Voices of Photography Issue 23: South Korea


    “A Study of Contemporary Photography in Asia”, a special series initiated by Voices of Photography, takes a close look at contemporary photography culture and art practice from the Asian perspective and aims to gradually expand our knowledge of image culture and reflection with our readers.

    In the first installment of this series, we take off from the Korean Peninsula in Northeast Asia. VOP invited Sujong Song, the founder and director of the Seoul Lunar Photo and now working in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea, to join this issue as a Guest Editor and discuss in depth the development of photography in South Korea in the past decade. At the same time, she features ten South Korean contemporary photographers whose work sheds light on the current state of photography in South Korea. Song also hosted an intergenerational dialogue in Seoul specially for this feature with Bohnchang Koo and Honggoo Kang, both photographers, as well as image education and cultural workers, and Jinhwon Hong, an image creator and director of “space nowhere”. Together, they examined closely the ups and downs of South Korea’s contemporary photography art and culture.

    In addition, Jungmin Lee, a South Korean curator, and Jisoo Park, the editor of the photography magazine Vostok, explore in detail South Korea’s contemporary photography works, publications, exhibitions, art venues and “new (sinsaeng) spaces”, and the mechanism of government and private awards and subsidies in the country, allowing us insight into the culture of photography in South Korea.

    Published by Voices of Photography
    136 pages
    194 × 259 mm
    ISBN 9772224127009