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    Unseen By My Open Eyes, Kevin Gaffney

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    Unseen By My Open Eyes examines the visual and psychological landscape in five films by the young Irish filmmaker Kevin Gaffney. Gaffney’s primary concern is identity. His interest in how it’s constructed and projected has led him to study a breathtakingly broad range of subjects; from daily life in Iran to military conscription in Taiwan; from politics in South Korea to food consumption in a self-sustaining militarized Ireland.
    Within Unseen By My Open Eyes Gaffney’s films are presented through a series of richly illustrated sections. In each section, the subject matter of the films, alongside the methodology of their making, is considered in a selection of exploratory essays.
    Presented also are English scripts of the five films, with an appendix compiling those same scripts in Korean, Chinese, Persian and Gaeilge.

    Published by Black Dog Publishing
    96 pages
    180 × 240 cm
    ISBN 9781911164128