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Trigger Issue 1: Impact
Trigger Issue 1: Impact

    Trigger Issue 1: Impact

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    TRIGGER publishes (longread) essays, interviews, opinions, new gazes, and opens up research to the broader public.

    TRIGGER is a new publication platform concerning photography, which originates from and is supported by FOMU.

    TRIGGER is published entirely in English, both as an online platform and an annual printed publication in collaboration with Fw:Books (Amsterdam).

    TRIGGER nr.1: Impact

    The first issue on ‘Impact’ is made in close collaboration with The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK), The Hague, The Netherlands, and guest editor Donald Weber, teacher and researcher at KABK. It deals with photography's 'impact', in different social and political contexts, in our current time joint and in the past. Can we still assume photography’s (age-old) impact in an image-saturated world, where fake news, the questioning of representative democracy and the return of colonial pasts are engaging different political cultures, publics, action and pression groups? How can photography function as a tool for environmental change?  What is the role of photographs in political debates?

    Published by FOMU
    96 pages
    240 x 320 mm
    ISBN 9789490119829