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    The Making of the Euro, Claudio Hils

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     Since 1 January 2002 more than 300 million people from the twelve Monetary Union Member States have been using the common currency, the euro, every day. Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Spain have seen the new currency become a symbol of the unswerving integration process within one year. Claudio Hils, a renowned photographer, had been commissioned by the European Central Bank to document the birth of the European currency from June 2001 to February 2002. Claudio Hils’ photographs bring this unprecedented process closer to the visitors of the exhibition. In a unique way, Hils presents the introduction of the Euro, showing both the significance and the sheer volume of the operation. He also illustrates people’s reactions to the new currency. The introduction of the euro has made history. Showing the gigantic project in the making, Claudio Hils’ mosaic makes the process easier to understand.

    Published by Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen
    118 pages
    235 x 290 mm
    ISBN 9783929203431