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    SOFT EIS Issue 01: Sex


    SOFT EIS is an independent print magazine published in Berlin. It was born out of a desire to learn about, and tackle all sides of a conversation. The title comes from an idea to explore dualities in all shapes and forms; softness and hardness being the two principle dualities that informed our first issue on sex. The magazine is personal. Through the nature of the topics we address, SOFT EIS intend to highlight that being open about intimate topics is not a vulnerability. Being soft isn't being weak, the same way that being hard isn’t being strong.

    The home city of SOFT EIS, Berlin, has been heralded as sex-positive, and while this is true, the dominant discourse revolves around hardcore tendencies within sex. Through intimate voices SOFT EIS examined sexualised forms and symbols, queer spaces, digital sex, queer visibility, soft protests, female pleasure, localised attitudes towards sex, emotional attachment, sexual health, our genitalia and our relationships with them, sex work and activism, the strength of nudes, sexual stigma, and fetishes.

    Published by SOFT EIS
    248 pages
    210 x 250 mm
    ISBN 9783000631061