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SOFT EIS Issue 02: Identity
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    SOFT EIS Issue 02: Identity


    SOFT EIS is an independent print magazine published in Berlin. It was born out of a desire to learn about, and tackle all sides of a conversation.

    For Issue 02 editors, designers, and contributors have collaborated to question IDENTITY. This 290-page explosion of content boasts 50 contributors from all over the world and over 30 original projects. Nearly 300 pages of explosive content ranging from Mennonites in Mexico to musicians in Johannesburg, the collectivity of microorganisms to the Hong Kong protests, suburban Japan to metropolitan Armenia, elfsluts to skaters, the Tower of Babel to the City Palace of Jaipur.

    Issue 02 is a personal and considered journey into the heart of identity. It looks at how we are brought up and what we seek out when we create our own identity. What is imposed on us and what comes from within? What happens when we lose our identity? What happens when we recreate it? What defines us? Is there even a need to define our identity? Our identity can be formed by many different factors: place, environment, people, friends, religion, networks, interests, economics, sexuality, race. What do we grow in opposition to? This is a spattering of questions that are asked that only begin to scratch the surface of this topic.

    290 pages
    210 x 250 mm
    ISBN 9783000677878