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Sluice Magazine, Spring 2020
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    Sluice Magazine, Spring 2020

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    Sluice - run by artists and curators - assumes the form of a collaborative, provocative artwork. The authors of which are everyone that comes into contact with the project. Sluice strategically adopts structures in order to showcase artist, curator and emergent discourse, projects and galleries.

    At its best artist-led culture is innately tied to the social, political and economic environment in which it exists. This edition of Sluice magazine focuses on the commons as both a place and a state of mind. Both of which are crucial for art to flourish.

    Publishing a magazine during the long shadow of a global lockdown there’s a feeling that our enforced isolation has heightened our awareness of the importance of connectivity and our relationship to the commons.

    The pandemic is exposing the bones of what constitutes the commons. The commons are activated when they are used and recognised and stood up for. This edition of Sluice magazine looks at artists and projects that recognise and navigate the commons as social processes of production and organisation rather than merely resources awaiting enclosure.

    Featuring: Swap Editions SKELF Jon Orlek od Festival Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau Giuseppe Marasco Alistair Gentry Andreas Backoefer

    Self Published
    80 pages
    280 x 210 mm
    ISSN 9772398839005