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    Schatzkammer der Revolution, Julian Rothenstein and Olga Budashevskaya

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    Treasury of the Revolution: Russian children's books from 1920-1935: Books from Turbulent Times

    In the post-October revolution, artists such as Vladimir Majakovsky, El Lissitzky and Vladimir Lebedev, together with poets such as Daniil Charms, Samuil Marschak and Kornei Tschukowski, have designed the children's books, which were committed to the form canon of futurism and constructivism. In these avant-garde children's books, which manifest the world's image of a new era, postal workers will be the new princes, ice sellers the new wizards and firemen the new heroes. Since such books were excluded from censorship, they became an important medium for artists to make their works accessible to a broad public. Treasury of the Revolution is a tribute to these wonderful children's books. The original illustrations as well as the texts and poems of important Soviet intellectuals are published in German. Three introductory essays provide an insight into the emergence of the Soviet Union of the 1920s and 1930s

    Published by Lars Müller Publishers
    312 pages
    200mm x 300mm
    ISBN 9783037783436