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Performances in All Directions

    Performances in All Directions


    Performances in All Directions is a collection of field notes, images, poetry, and text from Julie Morrissy, and designed by Emma Conway.

    Arising from a public lecture and performance in the What is Creativity? series at University College Dublin in February 2020, Performances in All Directions gives new insights into Morrissy’s research and creative practice.

    The booklet comprises two primary texts and a prefatory poem. In a four-part essay Morrissy expands upon her lecture Extra helpful nerves between realities: Creativity, Publishing and Performance, drawing on poetry, artworks, and texts from artists and writers, including Brenda Hillman, Questlove, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Guy Brett, and Niamh O’Malley. The essay explores a range of influences from visual art, critical theory, and contemporary poetry, and their impact on Morrissy’s practice as it moves from the page into video and performance. A set of field notes explore the author’s research trips to Toronto, Canada, where she previously lived, and to Waterworks House, Ravensdale, Co. Louth, the birthplace of her maternal grandmother. These notes connect to Morrissy’s ongoing poetry project Certain Individual Women, which interweaves lyric poems about her experiences and those of her grandmother, with documentary legal poems.

    This booklet includes photographs from a rich family archive, and images by the author and her collaborator Annick Counihan relating to the production of moving image and animated artworks that accompanied the performance at UCD. The booklet engages with a significant collaborative impulse in Morrissy’s work, uncovering new concerns and making powerful connections between family legacy, personal experience, and the law.

    Self Published
    34 pages
    150 x 210 mm