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    Paradise Stockholm, Joakim Kocjancic

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    Joakim started working on Paradise in 2006, when he moved back to Stockholm after living in different European cities. Though born and raised in Milan as a half-Swede, he has always felt connected to this city.
    The approach of his photography is direct, intuitive and fast. He is trying to be faster than his second thoughts. He sees it as an exercise in listening to his instinct without thinking too much.
    Confronted with an atmosphere quite different from the stereotypical image of Stockholm, he started documenting this darker mood, the grittier side of daily life up in the north.
    The essay reflects his instant reactions to the ambiguity of a place I am so deeply related to through my family history.
    In a broader sense, he wants it to be primarily an artistic report on the consumerist and capitalistic aspects of western European urban culture. Paradise stands for the illusion of this system. It’s the dream we are following through billboards, TV and the Internet.

    Published by Journal
    116 pages
    200 mm x 270 mm
    ISBN 9789187939044