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It's Freezing in LA! Issue 9
It's Freezing in LA! Issue 9
It's Freezing in LA! Issue 9
It's Freezing in LA! Issue 9
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It's Freezing in LA! Issue 9

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Global health and the climate emergency cannot be separated. Deforestation, intensive farming and industrial activities not only burn fossil fuels and devastate ecosystems, they all drive the spread of infectious diseases, pandemics and pathogens.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, capitalist structures that gush emissions have also bred government corruption, wealth inequality, and inequities in global vaccine provision – with disproportionate health risks borne by people who are already structurally disadvantaged. We have seen, first hand, that the pursuit of profit is ill-equipped to deal with the crises it causes.

For their new issue, It's Freezing in LA!asked writers and illustrators to explore the links between climate and health. They wanted to know if healthier, greener, more equitable systems might also improve our wellbeing. Digging into the toxic materials and systems that underpin our daily lives, covering everything from fast-fashion and climate anxiety, to the catastrophic fate of our carefully-separated recycling. They examine medical structures themselves: unearthing the colonial roots of struggling healthcare systems, exploring alternative forms of provision and hearing about the vital links between care work and climate. And presenting some new routes forward, learning about citizen scientists who are cleaning up our polluted air, disabled perspectives on access to nature, and collective and traditional knowledge systems that are revitalising struggling soils.

      58 pages
      250 × 175 mm
      ISBN 9772517725011




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