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    It Could Have Been You, Reinier van der Lingen

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    In 2008, Reiner van der Lingen's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and both of their world's were turned upside down. A mother of two responded to a post by Lingen on an online breast cancer forum, and wished to participate in portraiture to show her children what she went through when they grew older. 

    In this book we follow Babet, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing chemotherapy. We only see portraits taken over the course of the therapy mixed with typical lab results that show how the treatment works on Babet's body/blood/cancer cells. Like the small changes in digits and number of the lab results we focus on changes from image to image. The change of Babet's face, wrinkles, her hair - sometimes little, sometimes drastic changes. We are forced to interpret how she not only physically changes but far more how the knowledge of having cancer changes the psyche.

    Published by KOMMA / d'jonge Hond
    152 pages
    245 x 320 mm
    ISBN 9789491525261