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    Irish Pages: Israel, Islam and the West


    IRISH PAGES is a biannual journal, edited in Belfast and publishing, in equal measure, writing from Ireland and overseas.

    Its policy is to publish poetry, short fiction, essays, creative non-fiction, memoir, essay reviews, nature-writing, translated work, literary journalism, and other autobiographical, historical, religious and scientific writing of literary distinction. There are no standard reviews or narrowly academic articles. Irish Language and Ulster Scots writing are published in the original, with English translations or glosses.

    Each issue includes a number of regular features: From the Irish Archive, an extract of writing from a non-contemporary Irish writer, accompanied by a brief biographical note; In Other Words, a selection of translated work from a particular country; and The Publishing Scene, a commissioned piece taking a critical look at some aspect of the literary world in Ireland, Britain or the United States. Each issue also contains a portfolio of work from a leading photographer.

    IRISH PAGES is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, culturally ecumenical, and wholly independent journal. It seeks to create a novel literary space in the North adequate to the unfolding cultural potential of the new political dispensation. The magazine is cognisant of the need to reflect in its pages the various meshed levels of human relations: the regional (Ulster), the national (Ireland and Britain), the continental (the whole of Europe), and the global.

    The issue Israel, Islam and the West features;

    • Gerard McCarthy on the refugee crisis in Greece
    • An unpublished survivor’s account of Bergen Belsen
    • “A Trial” by Hubert Butler 
    • Writings on Iran, Bosnia and Islam 
    • Avi Shlaim on “Israel and the Arrogance of Power” 
    • Dervla Murphy’s Hasbara in Action” and John McHugo on Syria
    • A trilingual elegy in Irish, Polish and English
    • Chris Agee on “Troubled Belfast”
    • Ghazels of Hafez
    • Lara Marlowe on Mahmoud Darwish
    • New poems on the Middle East by Seán Lysaght, Naomi Shihab Nye, Ciarán O’Rourke & Cathal Ó Searcaigh
    • PLUS: “I am Belfast”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Mark Cousins

    Published by Irish Pages
    272 pages
    155 x 240 mm
    ISBN 9780993553264