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    Into Longing, Vast Rock, Joan van Barneveld

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    Visual artist Joan van Barneveld processes deep romantic longings within popular culture. In the absence of people, artist articulates the cultural landscape through a condensed black veil, which creates the stage for a longed for, introverted grandeur. His earlier work energised the poetics of grunge culture, but in recent series it has evidenced a deeper longing for an essential horizon. In Into Longing, Vast Rock, he creates ‘blackened’ pictures of popular spheres, devoid of people, that allow for a more reality-based motive and open up for wider narration as diptychs and triptychs. His oeuvre is represented together with insightful texts by LA critic Jan Tumlir, Dutch philosopher Rene Gabriels and Onomatopee director Freek Lomme, who address aspects of landscape, rock’s intensity and romanticism in pop, leaving a sourcebook – a bible – for the identification of longing.

    Published by Onomatopee
    112 Pages
    295 x 230 mm