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GUP Magazine Issue 61: Escape - The Library Project
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    GUP Magazine Issue 61: Escape

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    Summer is on its way! For many, this season delivers a chance to escape the daily routine. People seek all kinds of refuge: they pack their bags and leave, or they remain and withdraw into the plethora of loopholes available nearby or online. Escaping can certainly be fun, but it’s not always easy. For this issue, GUP have been seeking to both celebrate and commemorate the various aspects of getting away or breaking out.

    GUP present the brand new project Cimarron by renowned French photographer Charles Fréger, as well as being the first to show the latest series by Marguerite Bornhauser in print. Besides this, GUP interview Erik Madigan Heck, whose work graces the cover of the regular edition.

    GUP #61 also presents the work of Stephen Gill, Petra Katanic, Brendan Pattengale, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Leah Schretenthaler, Alec Soth, Rafael Tanaka Monzó, Esther Teichmann, Joost Termeer and Rob Wetzer.

    Furthermore, summer is the festival season. GUP's Event Guide is once again full of the most interesting current and upcoming photography events, and the Book Guide presents the prettiest new photo books.

    Published by GUP
    176 pages
    165 x 225 mm
    ISSN 18718450