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    from dream to dream: where science meets art, Alannah Robins (Ed.)


    from dream to dream: where science meets art is a beautifully designed and illustrated book containing essays and images by contemporary artists.

    A rare opportunity to gain access to artists’ reflections on their work and the role science plays in informing their ideas and influencing their practice. Despite the obvious differences between art and science, this collection of essays posits the claim that science and art offer much to each other: science has benefited tremendously from the work of artists as have artists from the work of scientists.

    Edited by Alannah Robins, founder and director of Interface, the editor brings the practice as well as the theory into sharp focus through her experience of working internationally in her own multi-disciplinary art and in bringing artists to the Interface studio to explore at a conscious level the intersections between art and science.

    Accessibly written, containing varied disciplines and styles, this collection of essays makes from dream to dream a useful reference book and study for any artist or indeed scientist with a curious mind.

    Eileen Norell Ryan, Dr. Michael Geddis, Jasmin Märker, Sarasija Subramanian, Ian Wieczorek, Brett Sroka, Kaitlin Bryson & Ruth le Gear, Mary Donnelly, Anna Glynn and Peter Dalmazzo, Selma Makela, Louise Manifold, and Dr. Doris Rohr.

    Published by Artisan House
    104 pages
    215 x 255 mm
    ISBN 9781912465057