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    Found Footage Magazine, Issue 5

    Found Footage Magazine is an independent and printed film journal distributed worldwide. It offers theoretical, analytical and informative content that hinges on the use of archival images in media production practices.

    Issue 5, a includes; 

    - (In)appropriation: Dirty Movies and Second Hand Poetics, by André Habib

    - Revisiting the Degraded/Degrading Image: Subversive Decay, Parrellel Legacies, and       Re-Eroticization of the Pornographic Archive in The Colour of Love by Peggy Ahwesh, by  Alice Michaud-Lapointe  

    - To Strip and to Tease: Archives and Concealment in Found Footage Pornography, by Annaelle Winand and Eric Falardeau

    - Hidden in Plain Sight: Castle compilations and nudie films as lost intertexts for Bruce   Conner's A MOVIE and MARILYN TIMES FIVE, by Louis Pelletier 

    - Interview with Peggy Ahwesh, by Alice Michaud-Lapointe

    - Interview with Alexei Dmitriev, by Andre Habib

    - Interview with Yves-Marie Mahe, by Andre Habib

    - Indictment and Possibility in Ken Jacob's A Star Spangeled to Death, by Zachariah   Anderson

    - Aesthetic Voilence and the Anarchival Turn: On the Infinite Visions of History, by Kamila   Kuc

    - There's a Crack in the World of Appearances: Thom Andersen's Slow Writing, by     Matthew Levine

    As well as a selection of book reviews, more essays, and a collages by John Stezaker, María Cañas, Guy Maddin, Mimmo Rotella, Matthieu Bourel, Douglas Gordon, Mariana Freijomil and Eli Craven.

    Published by Found Footage Magazine
    ISSN 24622885