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Fleeced Magazine issue 1 - The Library Project

    Fleeced Magazine issue 1

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    Fleeced is a new printed supplement under the FAC Magazine family, a platform for Ireland's rising generation to merge Irish creativity and address the issues we collectively face. FAC values original, substantive ideas -mainstream or alternative, progressive or conservative nd encourage everyone to join the discussion. 

    From FAC: 

    ''Our motivation for producing this print is simple. The planet is being fleeced. Consumption habits must shift towards a sustainable, circular economy. There is no better place to start this transformation than with the cunning snake of fast fashion: an industry responsible for human exploitation and environmental degredation. We aim to frame fast fashion as a problem symbolic of a wider ecological crises and offer the sustainable alternatives involved in a circular economy. By choosing to dress sustainably we can signal that naïve and reckless consumption is out of style.''

    Published by FAC Magazine
    15 pages
    210 x 300 mm